Datatron Emma 
AI Assistant to Enterprise
Meet Emma

Introducing Emma — the one and only AI assistant your enterprise is going to need. Emma analyzes your sales, marketing, finance, and other datasets to provide intelligent insights. Not only will Emma answer your questions about your important transactions, she will also proactively reach out and send you actionable insights.

How it Works

Seemlessly Collect Data

Datatron collects all your data with just 'one click', no hassle what so ever.

Build Predictive Models

Automates construction of real-time predictive models for your data.

Provide Insights

Provides insights in real time — Emma is here to answer questions about your important transactions.

System Continuously Learns

Emma continuously learns with every interaction, preferences and data to optimize your funnel.

How we Analyze

Optimize Your Funnel

Learn insights from the bottom of your sales funnel and apply it to the top.

Unique Advantages

Other Solutions

  • No Automated data
  • Reactive Cleansing
  • No Continuous Learning
  • Overwhelmed with "Reports", not Insights
  • Automated Data Cleansing
  • Pro-active Cleansing
  • Continuously Learning
  • Clean Actionable Insights