The Datatron founders were driven to solve big data challenges they identified first-hand in the marketplace. The company is leading the way in a paradigm shift in the field of data-science process automation.



Harish Doddi

Co-Founder and CEO

Harish has spent the past decade focused on AI and data science. Before co-founding Datatron, he worked on the surge pricing model for Lyft, the backend for Snapchat Stories, open source technologies and the photo storage platform for Twitter, and designing and developing human workflow components for Oracle.

Harish holds a master’s degree in computer science from Stanford, where he focused on systems and databases, and an undergraduate degree in computer science from the International Institute of Information Technology in Hyderabad.


Jerry Xu

Co-Founder and CTO

Jerry is an innovative technical leader with extensive experience in machine learning, storage systems, online service, distributed systems, virtualization and OS kernel. He has worked on high performance and large- scale systems at Lyft, Box, Twitter, Zynga and Microsoft. He is also the author of the open source project, Lib Crunch. He is a three-time Microsoft Gold Star Award winner.

Jerry holds a master’s degree in computer science from Shanghai University.

Industry Leading Talent


Lalit Sirsikar

Senior Software Engineer

Focus on development, devops, testing, design, planning roadmap for the company. Coordinate effort within engineering team to give out product to clients.


Akshay Jain

Senior Software Engineer

Leading Engineering effort to build state of the art ML Platform | Masters in CS and aspiring PhD


Steven Cheong

Software Engineer

Software Engineer with a background in mathematics. My primary interest is in building applications that help engineers and data scientists increase their productivity.


Ken Oung

Software Engineer

Python, Javascript, Golang, Java - in order of decreasing familiarity. Working mostly on data engineering and machine learning.


Andrew Cornell

UX Engineer

Six years of design expierence coupled with the latest frontend best practices using ES6, React, Redux, and Node.js.


Aaron Dong

UI Designer

Designer with a focus on digital products, brands, and UI/UX design. Pixel pusher, Android fan, future cat owner.


At Datatron, we are looking to hire the top talent in AI and data science. Please see some of our open job listings, and let us know if you would be a good fit.

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