We help enterprises harness the awesome but unwieldy power of machine-learning

The ability of large companies to govern their machine-learning (ML) models has out-stripped their infrastructure and the bandwidth of their engineering and data-science teams.

Making ML models isn't the problem. The problem, at bottom, is organization. The solution is Datatron's ML platform, which speeds up model deployment, detects problems early, and increases the efficiency of managing multiple models at scale.


You're in good hands

Our team of data-science and machine-learning experts come from Snapchat, Twitter, Microsoft, Lyft, and Amazon. We’re helping enterprises solve the problems we experienced first-hand before—long, inefficient production iteration timelines and finger-pointing amongst engineering, dev-ops and data-science teams.

Our founders come with top-notch experience working in the industry. CEO Harish Doddi built Snapchat’s My Story infrastructure, and CTO Jerry Xu was a founding member of the Microsoft Azure team. Together, they built the industry’s first surge-pricing model at Lyft.

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We’re always looking to hire top talent in AI and data science. Check out some of our listings and let us know if you’d be a great fit!

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