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With hundred of routes and thousands of customers, strategizing our resources has become a nightmare. As we continue to globalize, it's difficult to predict historical and real-time data. Through Datatron's platform, we were able to get precise predictions in real time through complex models with insights on early-bird rates with airlines.

Head of Data Yamato

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Through Datatron's automated platform, we were able to save four full-time people in addition to the business value being created through Datatron's Monitoring Module.

Head of Infrastructure Comcast Corporation

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It's challenging to manage models, especially when there is a high rate of model growth each year. With Datatron, we were able to scale, manage and monitor all of our models on one centralized platform.

Head of Data Science Team Domino's Pizza

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Whenever our machine-learning models began to decay in performance, we had no idea until businesses came to us and mentioned that things weren’t looking right. Datatron’s platform helped us make proper decisions ahead of time by giving alerts for model decay, bias, and anomaly detection of models.

Head of Data Top Swiss Bank

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