Platform Overview

Datatron offers tools and features built from scratch, specifically to make machine learning in production work for you.

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Automating and accelerating the management
of your ML processes

Most teams discover that there’s more to just deploying models, which is already a very manual and time-consuming task.
Datatron offers single model governance and management platform for all of your ML, AI, and Data Science models in production. We help you automate, optimize, and accelerate your ML models to ensure that they are running smoothly and efficiently in production.


Use Any Framework

Data Scientists use a variety of frameworks
to build the best models. We support
anything you’d build a model with ( e.g.
TensorFlow, H2O, Scikit-Learn, and SAS ) .

Multiple language

Write in Multiple Languages

Different teams use different languages.
No worries, Datatron supports models
built using the languages you already use
( E.g. SAS, Python, R, Scala, etc. ).

On prem options

On-Prem, In the Cloud, Hybrid, or Airgap

Whether your infrastructure is designed for
on-prem, multi-cloud, or both, Datatron works
across AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, as well as
on-premises options.

Datatron Features

Model Catalog

Explore models built and uploaded by your
Data Science team, all from one centralized

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Model Deployment

Create a scalable model deployment in just a
few clicks. Deploy models built using any
language or framework.

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Model Monitoring

Make better decisions based on your model
performance. Monitor models and get alerted
for model decay and anomalies.

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Model Governance

Spend less time on model validation, bias
detection, and internal audit processes.
Go from model development to internal
auditing to production faster than ever.

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