Model Management
Production features to control, track, reproduce, and audit model behavior
Split Traffic
Spend zero time on code and building infrastructure to program logic and define traffic. Datatron provides a simple UI to define the percentage of traffic that can be routed to your model's REST endpoint.
Sequence (SLA)
Enforce latency requirements on multiple models and prevent downtime from service outages. Assign primary and fallback models to ensure your services are never completely down.
A/B Testing
Perform A/B testing on model sequences, rather than just on particular models. Set up the static and dynamic model sequence with the advantage of conducting sequencing and A/B testing simultaneously.
Use passive models for visualization and analysis of model performance on the backend. Datatron provides shadowing to let you know how the model is performing without using it for real production traffic.
Save time
Save time
Focus on other efforts while Datatron helps you easily manage your models based on your configurations.
Better model selection
Better model selection
Automated model selection helps serve better predictions and decrease errors.
Datatron's Management Module for Machine Learning Models
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