Model Monitoring

Comprehensive model performance, monitoring, and alerting

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Monitoring metric screen

Monitor model performance with metrics and alerts

  • Understand how your model performs with production data
  • Compare model predictions with actual outcomes
  • Model metrics dashboards (e.g. Accuracy, Precision, F1, and more)
  • Conditional alerts
  • Deviation alerts between training and production datasets
  • Drift alerts using a trusted canary model

Preemptive decision-making for business stakeholders

  • Connect your production models to your KPIs
  • Gain visibility into your ML performance
  • KPI-driven alerts
  • Understand and track production model ROI
  • Access pre-deployment sandbox outcomes
  • Embed your line of business perspective into your ML initiative
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Identify anomalies

Identify anomalies and model decay with ease

  • Automatic alerts for model decay and anomalies
  • Automatically detect production model traffic when it diverges from expectations
  • Identify suspicious activity on your models

Deploy models faster

Replace your post-mortem approach with a preemptive solution

Maximize your revenue

Get key business insight that can help you make more profitable decisions.

Minimize business losses

Avoid costly mistakes by quickly identifying model performance issues.

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Datatron’s Monitoring Module for Machine Learning Models

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